Athlete profiles




Arron Larkin Racing Team Blizard

  Arron Andrew Larkin
" I’m 29 years old and live in Rotherham. I work in the steelworks as a fitter. My PB’s over 5k & 10k are 15:10 & 32:07 so first of all for 2019 I would like to go Sub 15 & Sub 32 then continue to work on improving these times. My favourite race distance is probably 5k (Quick Blast!). My favourite On Shoe is a toss up between the Cloudflow or Cloudsurfer as I do most of my training in these. They offer great support whilst still being fairly light and are very responsive




Nicola Devine Team Blizard

Nicola Devine  

"I work as a PE teacher and prefer to run either 5/10ks or cross country. My favourite training session is 3x3min, 1min hard on grass, especially a week before a race. My goals for this year are to get as close to 16 minutes for 5k and try to earn another representative vest. My favourite shoes are the cloud flash as when I’m wearing these, it’s race time! "




Lee Milburn Racing Team Blizard

Lee Millburn

"I’m a primary school teacher who works in Doncaster teaching in Year 2

My preferred distance is any distance over cross country be it a shortened relay, 10k or the further championship 12k

My favourite training session is 5x1k on the track

Main target is to Break 15 minutes for 5k

ON Cloud X is my favourite shoe closely followed by the Cloudventure Peak for off-road runs"




Keri Pearson Team Blizard

Keri Pearson

  "I work full time as an Assistant Headteacher in Hull. The distance I most prefer to race is the half marathon, however my aims for 2019, are to quicken up over the 5k and 10k distance to improve my speed, therefore, hopefully improving my times over the half marathon distance in the future.

The Saturday group marathon sessions in the Spring or the longer threshold sessions are my favourite such as 5 x 3 mins, 3 miles, 5 x 3 mins.

Very difficult choice but my go to On shoe has to be the Surfer."




Dan Kestel Racing Team Blizard

  Daniel Kestrel

"I am a teacher and live with my fiancée and 2 children. I see myself as a marathon runner, as my strengths lie longer distances, my 2019 goal is to run a marathon pb this spring. My favourite sessions are the big group marathon sessions at the clinic, I like trying to run a lot of miles close to race pace and seeing everyone else work towards their goals. My favourite Ons are the X as for me they have the perfect mix of feeling speedy and responsive with enough cushioning to wear for a marathon."




Rebecca Hunt Team Blizard

  Rebecca Hunt

"I work as a Primary Teacher and sport leader. My preferred distance is marathon, my main aim for 2019 is to run a sub 3:15 over the distance and gain championship entry in to London 2020. My favorite sessions are the Saturday Blizard XC sessions, as even though they are tough I like the feeling that I am working hard and I enjoy the change of running off road; it’s also a perfect opportunity to see the rest of the team! Cloud Surfers are my preferred shoe to train in, as they’re really versatile and responsive."

Jenny Blizard Racing Team Blizard

Jenny Blizard

"As well as being the clinic director and physiotherapist here at the clinic, at age 44, I still really enjoy competing and hope that other runners are inspired by what can be achieved regardless of age. The type of training and the way you look after yourself differs from the younger age group but this year I have already shown that my race times from 10 years ago can still be targeted and surpassed. My aim for this year is to achieve a sub 17 min for 5k. My favourite shoe has to be the Cloud Flash. I wear this only to compete in and once it is on and I do my pre-race strides I can feel the difference in the way I move. "

Dave Tune Racing Team Blizard

Dave Tune

  "I am the Running Coach here at Blizard Physiotherapy and Sports testing Clinic as well as being the Director of the company with my wife Jenny! My preferred racing distance is 10km on the road and my targets for 2019 is to get is high up as possible in the V45  Age Group rankings in as many events as possible as well as tackling an Autumn marathon. My favourite ON running shoe has always been the Cloud Surfer in the past but I think the new Cloud Swift might just be the shoe I am looking for."

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