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Low Back Pain and Sleep

General Health Guides

Loads of help advice on back pain relief in our latest guide. 

Read our back pain and sleep guide for practical advice. 

Immediate Injury Management

First Aid Patient Information

Maximise your recovery with this handy guide .....  The success of injury healing can be boosted by appropriate, effective and timely action particularly in the early stages of an injury (ie. the first 72 hours). 

Do you sit at a desk all day?

Do you sit at a desk all day?

Staying healthy at work is easier than you might think. Try building the following desk – based exercises into your working day.

Blizard Physiotherapy General Health and Exercise Guides

Physical activity and chronic pain guides

The leaflet includes information on how physical activity helps if you have chronic pain, staying safe and what type of activity is best - how much and how often. 

Easy Exercise Guide

Easy exercise guide

The Easy Exercise Guide encourages people to ‘Move for Health', and explains how you can build easy, effective exercise into an daily routine. 

Drive Clear of Pain


Professional and commercial drivers can experience a range of musculoskeletal problems, including back, neck, shoulder and leg pain.

This is a step-by-step guide to correct car set-up, plus some simple stretches for when you take a break from the wheel. 

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