How do I decide what length of initial consultation to book? 

It is advised to book an hour's initial appointment if: - 

You have more than one area of pain, you have had your problem for longer than 3 months, you are travelling a long distance. Follow up treatments are usually 30 minutes. 

We follow the Maitland Concept of manual physiotherapy, carried out by our specially trained and highly qualified physiotherapists. Helping you recover from an injury.

We also look for opportunities to enhance your abilities in both sports or day to day life through extending movement range or helping maintenance of your body.


We use acupuncture as part of our Physiotherapy treatment service, while we don't offer this as a standalone service it is part of a treatment we will use during a Physiotherapy appointment if required to aid recovery.

Womens Health

Blizard Physiotherapy are here to help you solve those troublesome conditions as part of our Physiotherapy service. 

With experts in womens health conditions such as: 

Bladder Leakage
Weak Pelvic Floors
Prolapse Problems
Pregnancy Related Issues