Therapy Team

Jenny Blizard, Physiotherapist MCSP, HCPC

Jenny Blizard, Clinic Director and Physiotherapist at Blizard Physiotherapy

Jenny, our clinic director and physiotherapist, qualified in 2004 with a first class honours degree in physiotherapy. Since then she has completed a post graduate diploma and certificate in Women's Health and is currently working her way through the Maitland Concept of Manual Therapy and training which she started in 2012. This special concept combines individual and specific treatment with the therapist’s clinical experience and the latest scientific findings. In addition to joint mobilisation and manipulation of the extremities and spine, the concept makes use of neurodynamic techniques, muscle stretching, stabilising exercises and specifically adapted exercises the patient can do at home.Jenny's background in International triathlon and athletics clearly draws like minded sports enthusiasts to come and see her. As well as treating injuries, Jenny likes working with longer term clients to improve their overall function and reduce injury risk factors. A client's potential for attaining good health and aiming for sporting goals beyond what they feel currently capable of, is often limited to their own poor perception of what can actually be achieved with a little bit of help and guidance. 

Caroline Hennigan, Physiotherapist MCSP, HCPC

Caroline Hennigan, Physiotherapist at Blizard Physiotherapy

Caroline qualified from Nottingham University last century meaning she has many years of experience in Physiotherapy. She has a passion for clinical excellence, the pursuit of which has seen her study the Maitland Concept both at home and abroad. She feels privileged to be in a profession where she can have a positive influence on people’s lives and thrives on the mental agility required to be a physiotherapist, or as she prefers to call it…a human engineer.

Matthew Newton, Physiotherapist MCSP, HCPC, MMACP, MIMTA, Diploma in Injection Therapy

Matthew Newton, Physiotherapist at Blizard Physiotherapy, MCSP, HCPC Reg, MMACP, MIMTA Diploma in Injection Therapy

  Matthew qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist from Sheffield in 1988. Since then he has gained experience in various places around the UK and in North America.

From 1999-2017 he also worked in an Extended Scope role of Physiotherapy as an Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Practitioner. In this role he worked as a first contact practitioner and gained experience in requesting medical investigations such as blood tests, x-rays, ultrasound scans, MRI scans and nerve conduction studies. He is also qualified in the administration of steroid injections. This role demanded an efficient and effective approach to differentiating sinister pathology and non-neuromusculoskeletal pathologies from mechanical problems. He has presented some aspects of his work at the Extended Scope Practitioner Conference in London in 2005.

He gained a post graduate certificate in manual therapy from Sheffield Hallam University in 1996 and then went onto the International Maitland Teachers’ Association (IMTA) course programme which he completed in 2001. He gained his Orthopaedic Manual Therapy qualification in 2005 and became a member of the Musculoskeletal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP).

In 2013 Matthew qualified as a member of IMTA, which teaches a programme of courses in spinal and joint manual therapy. He frequently teaches post graduate Physiotherapists throughout Europe, Russia, Mexico and in the UK.

Recently he was the Consultant Editor for the latest editions of both the Maitland’s Peripheral and Vertebral Manipulation textbooks and contributed to the writing of Maitland’s Peripheral Manipulation. 

Matthew remains a clinician and has worked in the private sector since 1999. He is an advocate of manual therapy applied appropriately on the basis of sound clinical reasoning and individual patient need and is committed to promoting evidence based, quality care for all patients.

Kate Stower, Physiotherapist MCSP, HCPC

Kate Stower, Physiotherapist and Women's Health Specialist at Blizard Physiotherapy.


Kate qualified in 2004 with a Bsc(hons) in Physiotherapy. She started her physiotherapy career at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Foundation NHS Trust as a junior physiotherapist. Very quickly she realised her preferred physiotherapy speciality was musculoskeletal physiotherapy and in 2006 was successful in achieving a senior physiotherapist post within the outpatient department at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Trust.

In 2008 Kate moved to Nottingham University Hospitals NHS trust and developed an interest in Women’s Health Physiotherapy. Since then she has worked between outpatient and women’s health, using skills from both areas to ensure holistic care.

In 2017 she became the team lead for the Women’s Health services within Nottingham University Hospitals. Alongside her NHS work Kate has also been a part of the Blizard team since 2013, treating both a musculoskeletal and women’s health caseload. 

As a Women’s Health physiotherapist Kate treat’s clients with Pelvic, obstetric and gynaecological problems including pregnant and post natal related problems, pelvic floor problems, continence issues, painful intercourse, vulval pain and chronic pelvic pains.

When she is not at work she enjoy spending time with her family and being mum to young twins. 

Matty Spencer, Physiotherapist MCSP, HCPC



Originally a Sports Therapist, Matty graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 2012 with a first class honours degree in Sports Therapy. Since, he has returned to university to obtain a degree in Physiotherapy graduating in the Summer of 2018. Matty’s background is primarily in football where he worked in the professional game before returning to university. His roles included providing soft tissue therapy, athlete screening, athlete monitoring, implementing injury risk reduction strategies and treating and rehabilitating players back to sport. Matty enjoys working with clients that require long term rehabilitation and enjoys helping those that aspire to improve their athletic/ sporting performance.     

Rachel Weeks, Physiotherapist MCSP, HCPC

Rachel Weeks, Physiotherapist at Blizard Physiotherapy

Rachel qualified in 2000 with a Bsc (hons) in Physiotherapy from Bradford University. Since then Rachel has worked at Leeds Royal Infirmary and Huddersfield, as a junior Physiotherapist. She then moved to Doncaster & Bassetlaw Hopsital in 2004 to train and specialise as a musculoskeletal Physiotherapist following the Maitland concept of manual therapy; gaining excellent hands on skills in this very detailed and specific concept.

Sporting Services Team

Dave Tune, Running Coach

David Tune, Blizard Physiotherapy Clinic Director and Coach, undertakes Lactate Threshold Testing for runners


Dave is the other clinic director. He  works doing Sports testing and coaching  at the clinic. Having qualified as a coach after a successful career as an International Athlete, he now spends his time helping others to reach their true potential.

Dave's background has been greatly influenced by some World Class Mentors which he feels coupled with his own style allow him to be successful within his profession. The most satisfying aspect of his job is seeing individuals reach targets they never thought possible with the structure and guidance that the testing and coaching allows.

Chris Allcock, Sports Massage Therapist, Level 3


Chris qualified with a Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy in 2016 from the Sports Massage Academy in Nottingham, and is also a member of the Sports Therapy Association. He continues to partake in  many different CPD courses centered around various aspects of Sports Therapy. 

Chris thrives on helping people to improve their general well-being, fitness and motivation, be it from a sports or remedial perspective.

Chris's involvement with sport goes back many years, as part of the  British Cycling scene he achieved 97 race wins and also gained selection for the UCI World Championships for Great Britain. In more recent years he has chosen to concentrate on running, especially marathons, and with help from Dave and Lactate Threshold Testing at the clinic, he achieved a Championship qualifying time in the 2017 London Marathon. his sporting experience allows him a great understanding of his clients requirements.  

Andy Kinsley, Sports Talking Therapist, (RMN), S.A.C Dip (Sports Psychology)

Andy Kinsley, Sports Talking Therapist at Blizard Physiotherapy.

In 2017, Andy decided to combine his love of running and drive for better mental health by completing his diploma at distinction level in sports psychology. This led to the formulation of a sports talking therapy clinic which focuses on mindset, anxiety, self-belief, depression and pressure faced by athletes. Andy enjoys helping people focus and set achievable goals by building psychological pathways and reigniting self-belief and confidence.
Andy has worked for mental health services since 2009 and became a qualified mental health nurse in 2014. Over the past 9 years he has worked for the NHS, covering a wide range of mental health services. During this time he completed a number of talking based therapy modules that have enhanced his therapeutic learning; these include CBT, Mindfulness, self-confidence and negative emotional distress.
Outside of work Andy is a keen runner & also has a young family that keeps him on his toes. Andy is passionate about running and good mental health and feels that the two are a combination for success when wishing to achieve goals.

Amy Woodhouse, Sports Massage Therapist, Level 3

Amy Woodhouse, Sports Massage and rehab therapist at Blizard Physiotherapy

Amy has a VTCT Level 3 in sports massage and a first class honours degree in Sport Rehabilitation (Salford University). Her sporting background started when she was 4 years old when she started gymnastics. Since then she has competed nationally and internationally in acrobatic gymnastics before she stopped to go to university. 

From this Amy totally understands the high demands which athletes’ bodies go through during training and competitions. 

Since finishing university, Amy has been working alongside the Doncaster Knights Academy team, as a Sport Rehabilitator, to help any injured players get back fit so they are able to start playing with the team again as soon as possible. Amy loves being able to help people so they are fully fit, allowing them to perform to the best of their ability and achieve their goals. Likewise at Blizard Physiotherapy, Amy enjoys working with the sporting population both in preventative and rehabilitative aspects. 

You don’t have to be sporty to have a sports massage though, anyone with soft tissue restrictions such as tight muscles from static postures or maybe having overdone some weekend gardening can benefit seeing Amy.  

Our Teachers

Angela Boyle, Yoga Teacher

Angela Boyle, Yoga Instructor at Blizard Physiotherapy


Angela is qualified as a Hatha Yoga Teacher with the British School of Yoga, she is recognised and registered with the  Independent Yoga Network and with the Register of Exercise Professionals.

Angela has been practicing yoga for 5 years and has been qualified for 3 years.

She has recently taken up Ashtanga Yoga and practices on a daily basis, she is working towards completing the Primary Series. Ashtanga is a physically demanding type of Yoga practice which requires self discipline and dedication.

Angela welcomes everyone to her classes and modifies each pose to suit the individual, from the complete beginner to the more advanced practitioner. Yoga starts with the breath just as life does, and life mirrors yoga in many ways.

Celine Blizard, Pilates Instructor

Celine Blizard, Pilates Intructor at Blizard Physiotherapy


Celine multi tasks here at the clinic managing her time between her first passion of teaching Pilates and the need to keep the back office running as smoothly as possible! Celine qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant in 2002 and worked in high profile food manufacturing until the call of her first love became too great to ignore. She began practising Pilates herself back in 2008 following the birth of her daughter and after feeling the benefits for herself she was hooked on this uniquely precise and intelligent approach to exercise and body conditioning. Celine's qualifications are centred around the clinical approach to Pilates having gained a Modern Pilates Matwork Level 3 in March 2016 and  certification with the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) in October 2018. Celine continues to add to her professional development by regularly attending APPI Pilates classes and courses.

Celine's clients are so diverse; wide ranging both in age and ability. Pilates as an exercise form is beautifully inclusive. This, coupled with our small class sizes and Celine's working knowledge of her clients' needs, ensures everyone gets the attention they need.  

Stacey Richards, Admin team member at Blizard Physiotherapy

Our Support Team

Stacey Richards, Liz Jackson and Stella Blizard.

Our super team of support staff are here to ensure that our busy clinic runs smoothly and are committed to making your experience with us a good one.

You will always find one of the team waiting to greet you with a friendly welcome, a cuppa and a chat if you'd like one!

Behind the scenes they carry out all the essential admin tasks, including managing all the therapists busy diaries.